Today, we would like to officially announce our introduction of the first of its kind in Bangladesh, the Finder Smart Device, which is a plug and play tracking device for connecting your car to the internet. The device is primarily targeted towards the car owners who love their cars so dear that they need every possible bit of information from the car. The Finder Smart Device plans to do just that!


The Smart Car

Every large company in the world like Tesla (with their Model X), Google (with their self driving Cars), Uber (The largest crowd sourced taxi company), Toyota (for their electric Cars) are now running after achieving the great human dream for the Self Driving Cars. Well, studies say, it will be there within the next 10 years. But, before all that to happen, the first step will be the connected car which will help you recieve all the information about your car. That is the connected car. The Connected Car/ or the Smart Car will tell you and inform you about the details on what your car has been doing not only based on your car's location, but based on driving behavior or the Picture Perfect Mileage consumed by your vehicle. Whenever, these data will start increasing, you can look into your car or take it to a mechanic. No more hassles, where your mechanic will dictate, you can look into the hood easily through your Internet Device!



Plug and Play You can purchase the device online and just plug the device into your car into the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port to connect with the ECU of your car. All cars starting mostly from 2000 has a port for connecting with the ECU. Manufacturers has initially designed the port for testing purposes, but this already has become a very standard feature for bringing out an interesting range of services. You can hide the device anywhere inside the car while the connector will be connected with the OBD Port of your car.

Trip Log with various reports You will be able to view all trip log data of your car, ranging from RPM data, with current Maximum Speed, Current Speed, Mileage data from the ECU, Litres of Fuel Consumed within a time period, Oil, Engine, Temperature, Air Flow Pressure, Engine Inlet Temperature, Malfunction Codes from your car's ECU. Here is a list:

No. OBD Data
1 Wheel based perfect Mileage
2 Average Fuel Consumption L/100kms
3 Instantaneous Fuel Consumption L/100kms
4 AC temperature
5 Engine Inlet Air temperature
6 Air flow pressure (g/a)
7 Water Coolant Temperature
8 Speed
9 Single Oil Consumption (ml)
10 Current Maximum Speed
11 Battery Voltage
12 RPM (Revolution per Minute)
13 Intake Manifold Absolute Power (depends on vehicle in kpa)
14 Malfunction Codes which helps diagnose a vehicle problem (varies based on circumstances and models)
15 ACC signal for Engine On/off
16 Driving time
17 All Light Status(depends on models)
18 Brake Status(depends on models)
19 Accelerator Pedal(depends on models)
20 Door Status(depends on models)
21 Tyre Pressure(depends on models)


GPS Tracking You will be able to recieve all the standard GPS Tracking based Reports at your perusal any time on the web. Moreover, the App will also help you find your car any moment of the day.

Error Notifications With the device, you will be able to recieve Malfunction Notifications, primarily based on the car's model and features in the ECU.


The pricing of these devices are going to be 14000 BDT and the per month service charge will be 600 BDT to turn your car into a connected car. Based on the varying reports and the picture perfect Mileage and Fuel Consumption Information this is a great bargain for consumers. For an Engine On/Off Module it will cost an extra 2000 BDT for remote engine On/Off if your car does not support the built in Engine On/Off from the ECU. If you are interested then feel free to give us a Call at +8801841346337 for Sales Enquiry.

Check out our latest Offer! This ends on October 31, 2015!. So Time is Limited. Hurry Now!

If you want to get the real taste of FINDER feel free to try out our app just visit Google Playstore or if you want you can also visit the Website!. To recieve updates about our new features you can Like us on Facebook! or give us a call at +8801841346337

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