Summit Alliance Port Limited and Ocean Containers Ltd is one of the largest Inland Container Depots of Bangladesh. An Initiative of Summit Group and Alliance Holdings Limited, Summit Alliance Port Limited (SAPL) started its journey on December 06, 2003 and converted to a Public Company on March 06, 2008. In 2012 SAPL acquired Ocean Containers Limited, the pioneer in private sector Off-Dock in Bangladesh, and has created the unique blend of the culture and capacity of the two companies to provide one of the best ICD services within Bangaldesh.

According to their website: Inland Container Depot comprising transportation and storage of empty containers in the Yard and redelivery of the containers to various locations as per client’s advice. Container freight Station: Comprising activities related to Export cargo handling as well as Import cargo handling and the services include: Receiving of export cargo, storage of the same in bonded warehouse, documentation to complete formalities related to export, stuffing of the cargo in the container and transportation of the same after due customs formalities to the Port Container Yard or Vessel Hook as per Client’s advice. Receiving import cargo from port yard, documentation, unstuffing of the same after due customs formalities and handing over to clients. Company also provides some customized services to its clients, such as Container condition survey, its repair and maintenance; Fumigation; etc. Besides, work for establishment of a River Terminal is in full swing on 15 acres of Company’s freehold land on the bank of river Dholeswary in Mukterpur under Munshigonj district which is expected to commence operation by 4th quarter of 2014. Once in operation, the River Terminal will on the one hand help the exporters/importers to be competitive by transporting cargo by less costly river transportation and on the other will ease the pressure on the already overburdened Dhaka-Chittagong high-way.

The Facilities

The company has three bonded depots on around 45 acres of company’s freehold land in Patenga, between 6 and 6.5 km away from the multipurpose container vessel berths of Chittagong Port, with facilities to provide both ICD and CFS services. With their massive storage facilities of over 1,095,540 sft just for empty container and referer facility; along with their 19,500 sft of Import Shed and 400,112 sft of Warehouse Facility including 3,260 sft for specialized Garments on Hanger (GOH) Room their opeartions are quite mind boggling.

The Supply Chain

Maintaining the Supply Chain for this enormous facility is no easy task, but the company does it very efficiently and uses Finder not only for safety and security measures but also for efficiently increasing the speed of the supply chain management. Their full team of Transport and ICD Opertations is working round the clock to ensure movement of the containers within their Warehouses and Docks, and the Chittagong Port with proper planning and controlling. The Team uses 85 Prime Movers from different Suppliers and use Finder GPS Tracking to monitor them at every step of the process. The team uses Finder to track where each of their Primes are located with when and where they are going to go.

The Team also monitors whenever a Prime reaches Port and which Gate they are waiting for entry and when they are exiting. Using Finder helps them to monitor the process so that too many Primes do not create a Traffic Congestion inside the Port and also assist them in checking if a Prime is stopping at unauthorized places for more than 5 minutes. Every supplier of a Prime has to ensure that the Finder GPS Tracking is working before entering their Depots, which ensures security and control for a smooth Supply Chain.

The whole process of Finder working at SAPL OCL started back in 2009 when a Review of the New Service back then was published in the Financial Express. The then DMD Mr. Yasser Haider Rizvi called us up seeing the report and wanted to take some of our trackers for testing the service. Mr. Yasser Rizvi is now the MD of Alliance Holdings and the Acting Managing Director at OCL SAPL. Within months OCL SAPL found the results and with the direct supervision of CEO Captain Kamrul Islam Mazumder expanded the service throughout OCL SAPL.

Photo Mr. Mohsin, Manager, ICD, SAPL

As this is a Case Study, there had been ups and downs during the service with cooperation from OCL SAPL their ICD Operations Team and Finder Team. We have worked hand in hand to improve the service to an optimum level for providing quality services all through. It has been 6 years since the service is running and their is still a lot of learning and new technologies to learn and test on. SAPL is moving fast and growing strong and so is Finder with its full set of Services!

At the time of this writing, SAPL OCL has started testing the new features of Finder GPS Tracking by marking Geofence Areas to identify the time taken on the road with the time of arrival or exit from their compounds and Port Area.

If you want to get the real taste of FINDER feel free to try out our app just visit Google Playstore or if you want you can also visit the Website!. To recieve updates about our new features you can Like us on Facebook! or give us a call at +8801841346337

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