All you need to do is turn on your GPS, with the Finder GPS Tracking App installed and you will be able to view traffic conditions LIVE.


The Perception

Ask, anybody about what Dhaka is famous for, and the answer might be, "Dhaka is known to be the city of mosques and ..." with a long pause, "traffic jams". This is a 3.8 Billion Dollar Problem that we are talking about, and this cost is annual. Let me give a more clearer picture of the situation even with the data from our own 300GB of GPS Data that in Dhaka City the average moving traffic speed is around 16 kmph, which is very much in coherence with the research data provided by the researchers in the Research Study, Tanzila Khan and Md. Rashedul Islam. Even the feeling that going at a speed of 30kmph (this is our desired speed according to the research) makes us feel better, that we are moving through the roads. Obviously this is not the case when we drive in cities like Sydney, where cars travel at a maxmum of 50kmph in Secondary Roads. I can describe the feeling myself, especially when I was able to drive at a stretch at 100kmph in an interstate highway and then suddenly moving into a city road to drive at 50kmph, that is quite depressing. This even happens for drivers in Bangladesh when they enter this city from an interstate highway, they also have the same feeling, and a result they also have the problem of harsh acceleration and braking. These feelings get aggravated especially when the speed comes down to the level of 15kmph. About the experience and the learning from my driving in Australia, is a whole long topic to write about, which I will write about in the next blog.

The Situation in Dhaka

There are interesting observations that we find all through out the city, where most drivers compete for road space trying to block the other, and trying to get to the end of the corner first. This might be the Corner Mentality sort of new term that can be coined, where we try to take advantage of the high ground with clearance in view. This is more of a psychological problem creating competition from a sense of insecurity. This can be solved but can probably be solved better with marketing.

What we see in the roads are more or less filled with road space and corner based competition, buses and tempos blocking roads (and also corners) for picking up passengers, rickshaws standing in corners to get an extra fare, and running speed gets reduced due to all of the above and spicing that up with not driving at maximum speed allowed on the road.

Attempts Taken or under process

One of the best attempts has been the introduction of using Cycles in Dhaka as an alternative means of Traffic. The forerunners who helped take up this habit (succeeded in a large portion) in this attempt is by BDCyclists. This is contributing in the attempt to bring up a solution, but there is a long way to have a Cycle Friendly City like we see in European Cities.

There has also been several steps taken by the government by introducing Fly Overs, but we will be able to see the results once the projects complete like the Moghbazaar Flyover. Some projects that have already completed are contributing to road space like the Mirpur Flyover, the Dhaka Gate Flyover in Banani and the Kuril Flyover.

The Metro Rail Project is another good attempt that we will have to wait a long queue of years till it finishes, but by the time it finishes we hope to see the contributions.

A Probable Solution for Now

The total number of traffic in comparison to the Primary Roads is one of the prime reasons of traffic jams. In short, we have too many cars and too less road space. Well, there always are alternatives that we are sometimes not aware of, but the alternative roads which are mostly Secondary and Tertiary do exist and they might be free for a smooth ride. 100,000 people while traveling on the road turning on an app with the GPS Tracking ON together during traffic hours will give each and everyone the live traffic congestion data. With your GPS Tracking on, we definitely can identify the slower and faster moving roads, be it Primary or Secondary. We already have tested this at the previous version of our software using our VTS based GPS Tracking data. This can be a massive representation of the actual scenario with all of your contribution by simply using FINDER App in your Phone with the GPS and the Tracking as ON (or even in energy saving mode). The app will only use the traffic moving data and make a Traffic Map giving you heads up about the congestion to anticipate ahead. Let’s, try it out for a couple of weeks and let us know your feedback.


Try out the App Now! Together we can try to solve a problem

Just a small note to let you know, the App is already in the Google Play Store in the link below. We ask you to Share this blog with your friends, so that we can lets try this solution together. If it works then this can be marvelous. We will need your feedback!

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